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Thursday, 9 February 2012

The German at Brotzeit

In German, brotzeit means the time that is slightly after the breakfast yet before the lunch. It's not defined as brunch but it's more accurately to be known as the late breakfast that is at around 930am. Here we've visited Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant that is located nearby Orchard Road for our teatime snack. In fact, Attila is the one whom has the most hunger for eating...

Attila has decided to try out the Curry wurst or the German sausage that is topped with tomato-based sauce and being garnished with some curry powder. Normally, the sausage is made from pork and then being served together with Fries. The sauce is slightly sweeter yet the Curry Sausage is in over all delicious.
Besides, we've ordered the Obatzda and Pretzel for sharing. Obatzda is the bread spread that is made mainly with Camembert cheese, onion and paprika. We do like the Obatzda here for its smooth cheesy taste except that I dislike the strong smell of the capsicum. The Pretzel is heavy and too soft whereby the outer skin is not crispy. I guess it's due to the humidity of the weather and the Pretzel is not baked again before serving.

All of us are quite satisfied with Brotzeit because the food does generally taste as similar as the real German cuisine. The surrounding here is as well cozy and comfortable to sit in for a relaxing pastime.

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