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Friday, 30 September 2011

Spot of Munich, HB... HOFBRÄUHAUS

HB or HOFBRÄUHAUS is so-called a must-to-visit in Munich for drinking and eating. This favourite spot of Munich is somewhere people like to gather around to enjoy the 1L mug of beer, to taste some wurst or sausage and as well to chit-chat or as pastime with families and friends.

I'm here just because my friends ask me to... The whole HB is completely packed with customers and I guess most of them are tourists, so with me ;)
I've ordered the Zwei Stück original Münchner Weißwürste aus der Hofbräuhaus Metzgerei mit Süßem Senf or the white sausages that are served with sweet mustard. I don't really enjoy the meal because the white sausages are too soft for being boiled too long in the hot water. I'm as well don't like the sweet mustard because it's somehow doesn't taste as good as the Händlmaier. Talking about drink, I've decided to go for the 1L of Dunkle Bier but disappointingly that I'm served only with the 0.5L mug. The waitress must have been wondered that I can't finish the 1L beer.

No doubt that Hofbräuhaus is a suitable place to spend time for drinking with families or with a bunch of friends, but it's not a place that I dare to expect much on food anymore.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Green in Munich; dean & david fresh to eat

Walking towards Marienplatz, I'm really in the mid of hunting for food to fill up my stomach. I'm attracted by the greenish outlook of dean & david and I think that it's good to try out some 'fresh to eat' vegetables. Everything is so simple yet elegant. The cakes that are displayed for sales are as well looking healthy and delicious.

Browsing through the menu for a healthy meal, I've decided to go for the Big Easy (warm) Salate. This is a bowl of salad mix with grilled strips of beef, peppers, carrots, peanuts and spring onions that is dressed with the Balsamic Maple Syrup. I've no ideas about the dressing and I'm in fact fancy about the beef strips. The meat is very juicy, tender with a perfect just-to-taste seasoning to go with the fresh vegetable. The saltiness of the meat and the freshness of the vegetable are balancing each other, to give out the best taste.

Just beware, the waiters have not been friendly to me! Anyway, I do still miss the taste of the beef strips in my mouth...

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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Bratwursthäusle, the Nürnberger by Nuremberg

Nürnberg or Nuremberg is one of the main city in Germany. With the Bayerische Ticket, I've decided to make a one-day sightseeing trip to Nürnberg. Wandering around this stranger city, I've found the Bratwursthäusle that is located at the Rathausplatz. I'm attracted at first by the wording that they're the 'Original Nürnberger Rostbratwurstküche'.

No harm to try out the Nürnberger Bratwurst, I've chosen the 6 Stück Rostbratwürste mit Beilage or the 6 Grilled Sausages with One side-dish of either sauerkraut, potatosalad or horseradish. What is the main difference? Nürnberger Bratwurst is thin and long, the size is smaller comparing to German Bratwurst. The specialty of Bratwursthäusle is that the sausages are grilled over the beech-wood fire whereby I can really smell the natural aroma of the wood while eating my Bratwurst. I like the nice aroma, how about you?

To go with my Bratwurst, I've taken the LEDERER Dunkler. I'm addicted to strong and clear Dark Bier during my stay in Germany.

It's a short trip to Nürnberg, yet I've taken the chance to know about this city and to try out the Nürnberger Bratwurst here.

Hidden in the Valley, Kleine Brauschänke Dicker Mann

I'm hunger for Schweineschnitzel...
By random search, I've decided to visit Kleine Brauschänke Dicker Mann that is located at Krebsgasse. I've indeed taken some time to discover this restaurant because it's hidden at a small street by Haidplatz. Therefore, you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful time at Dicker Mann without the busy and noisy traffic. I do somehow like the ancient outlook of the restaurant.
I've asked for the Schweineschnitzel "Wiener-Art" mit Preiselbeeren und einer großen Salatschüssel. It's the fried pork fillet that is served together with cranberries sauce and a big salad bowl. I'm quite disappointed with the Schweineschnitzel for its 'smell'. The meat is soft but it's somehow a little bit too raw that it must go together with the cranberries sauce, to cover the smell of the pork. At the end, I've indeed enjoyed the salad more than the Schweineschnitzel itself.

No doubt that Dicker Mann is a nice place to sit in for a leisurely evening. However I've not enjoyed my dinner here. This first disappointment has killed my motivation to visit here for the menu again...

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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

ALEX, the Franchise Am Neupfarrplatz?

I pass by Neupfarrplatz almost everyday, noticing the same clock tower and looking at the crowd to pack at same restaurant during Summer. The wide open area at Neupfarrplatz is a nice place to sit down for a drink and to enjoy the warm sunshine. Here I've found ALEX, that I've discovered afterwards that this is a franchise across few countries.

Browsing through the menu by ALEX, I've decided to go for the Tucher Pilsener because they don't provide any dark bier or weissbier. I don't really like Pilsener for its bitterness and dryness. Gratefully, I do enjoy my dinner of Summer Fresh Royal mit Schweineknusperschnitzel. This is actually the salad bowl that is garnished with your choice of dressing and then being served together with Ciabatta bread. I've asked for the yogurt dressing and additionally added with crispy pork fillet into my fresh salad. Both the crispiness and saltiness of the pork schnitzel are fine but the meat is a little too hard and dry. However, I've indeed enjoyed the crispy Ciabatta bread and I've managed to clean up my whole plate.

For me, ALEX is not really a special or outstanding restaurant for the food and drink. But, you can consider this place if you're looking for somewhere to sit down without being bothered by the traffic...

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Wake Up in the Morning... Frühstück at Caffé Rinaldi

It's located at a corner of street by Alter Kornmarkt, a small space that can cater an approximate total 20tables only; but this restaurant has always been packed with crowd for the Frühstück or Breakfast menu. This is where people are gathering, at Caffé Rinaldi...

Oopps, I can't recall the exact name of my breakfast set. Well, the whole platter consists of Salami, Parma Ham, Schinken, cheese, fresh fruit, butter, jam and being served together with Baguette, freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee. What a luxury breakfast to start the day ya! Talking about the cold meat, I don't really like the Salami and Parma Ham here because they taste very 'raw' but I'm able to accept the Schinken or turkey ham.

It's common for M'sian to eat Nasi Lemak or Roti Canai as breakfast but Salami, Ham and Cheese are the typical elements to start a day as European. I do enjoy European breakfast especially my favourite cheese and bread.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Morgen Am Domplatz, Abend Am Domplatz

Domplatz is the place that the Cathedral Church is standing in Regensburg town. People like to wander and to gather at this wide open area, chit-chatting and enjoying the windy air. During the sun-shining days especially in the Summer, the hot spots are those restaurants that are located in front of the Cathedral. You can see the crowd sitting at the outside of the restaurants, to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of beer or to dine-in for a meal.

On a sunny morning, I've decided to take my breakfast at Haus Heuport. Looking at the warm sun that is rising from behind of the Cathedral while enjoying my favourite breakfast, how I wish to have Attila to enjoy this beautiful moment with me...

I've ordered the Wellness Frühstück that is the combination of variation of cheese, honey, butter, jam, cherry yogurt drink, fresh fruit, 0.1L glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and baguette. I've enjoyed every single items in the plate especially the wholemeal baguette that contains nuts and sunflower seeds. Additionally with a cup of hot brewed coffee, this is my perfect breakfast to start the day.

In the evening, I've selected the neighboring restaurant that is called Brasserie Dombrowski for my dinner. Sitting down to enjoy a nice glass of beer, I've decided to go for the Dunkel. Do you like the glass? The golden line and label look grand but I don't feel nice or comfortable while holding the glass on hand.

Referring to the Wochenkarte for the 'Specials of the Week', I've chosen the Salat in Joghurtdressing mit Putenbruststreifen vom Grill. It's actually the vegetable salad with stripes of grilled turkey breast and then being garnished with yogurt sauce. I like the turkey breast for its tenderness and juiciness; the grilling is just nice to lock the moisture in the meat itself. Moreover, I do like the yogurt-based dressing that is not so oily and it tastes more refreshing than Mayonnaise.

You can choose to have either breakfast, teatime or dinner at both Haus Heuport or Dombrowski. Each of these restaurants serve their own menu that you can choose from. The food is not really very great but it does taste good and the most important is, you'll be able to enjoy the nice scenery of the Cathedral Church. At least, I'm happy to relax here and to look at the different people whom are walking by...

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Treat Yourself into the Journey towards Mexico

How many Mexican restaurant that you can find in Regensburg? What is the difference of Mexican to German or Asian food? Well, my only memory about Mexican is the Chilli Con Carne and Cocktails. In short, flaming spiciness and hard alcoholic?!!

I've first stepped into Margaritas that is located beside Hotel Ibis at Furtmayrstraße. Do take the opportunity to enjoy any cocktails at 1/2 price from 5 to 8pm. Among the wide selection of drinks, I've zoomed into the Caipirinha that consists of Cachaca, lime and brown sugar. Caipirinha is kind of an easy-drink beverage that is smooth through the throat. I like it for the sourness of the lime but I'll normally prefer if the brown sugar is further reduced.

I guess I'm quite hungry for the day that I've decided to order a starter of Chips with Salsa and then followed by a Chilli Con Carne. The Chips or Nachos are seasoned with some chili powder to give the little spiciness while dipping into the sour tomato-based Salsa sauce. I love the Salsa sauce for its refreshing taste but the Chips are a little bit too hard for my teeth. It'll definitely be tastier if the Chips are slightly thinner and crispier. Talking about the Chilli Con Carne, it's another disappointment to have tomatoes inside the soup. No doubt that the Chilli Con Carne in Margaritas has its own flaming spiciness at the first sip but the tomatoes and the additional garnishing of the sour cream have gradually weakened the spiciness.

In overall, I'm quite satisfied with the Mexican food in Margaritas because it's something that is quite rare to be found in Penang. But in comparison, I'll definitely miss the homemade Chilli Con Carne from my Boyfriend.

My second journey into Mexican is to Jalapeños that is located at Schottenstraße, walking distance is a little bit further upwards from Arnulfsplatz. I've decided to pay the restaurant a visit on Wednesday for their Menu of the Week for Mittwoch that is Spareribs All You Can Eat.

The Spareribs All You Can Eat is served with vegetable salad, BBQ dips and freshly baked white bread from the oven. Honestly to say, I'm quite disappointed with the meal because I've a tough time struggling with the spareribs. The meat is a little bit too dry and chewy that it somehow hints me that the spareribs have been over-grilled whereby the fat has been completely vaporized. The portion of the spareribs is very big and worthwhile with the price at €6,90 only. However, I've not enjoyed a delicious meal here.

It's still grateful that I've a nice cocktail drink of Caipirol. It's a mixture of Aperol, lime, orange juice and brown sugar. I do enjoy the taste except that it's still a little bit too sweet for me.

Some of my friends have placed good comments about Jalapeños but the time may have been too short for me to explore the menu here.

Margaritas or Jalapeños, both of these restaurants have not really served the food that is suited to my taste but the most important for me is that I've had the chances to try out Mexican food in Regensburg.