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Monday, 8 March 2010

This is Creative... Eat your porridge in Tomyam way!

Porridge, another main carbohydrate that is preferred especially by Chinese folks. But, it's also true that many people dislike this plain watery-type of rice. Creative comes into its way... I'm introducing the Tomyam porridge in Raja Uda, Butterworth.

Beside the 'Kwang Wah' Primary School along Raja Uda, there is a shop that is famous for its Tomyam porridge. I can't find any name or signboard of this shop but no worries, as you can warranty your guess by seeing the bunch of customers in front of the stall. Approaching 6pm, people will start to queue up with a small plate to pick their favorite ingredients and to drop order. The specialty here is: Firstly, you can choose your ingredients like fish balls, sausages, crab filaments, abalone slices, pig kidney, prawn, fried fish meat, fresh prawn mantis etc; Then, please pick your main course like 'Beehoon', yellow noodle, maggi or porridge; Lastly, either in plain or Tomyam soup.

Look at my bowl, this is my Tomyam porridge. Inside is my favourite prawn mantis, prawn, fried fish and egg. My boyboy has chosen to eat the Tomyam maggi with fried fish, fried 'wantan', fried vegetable balls... Ya, you don't hear me wrong, it's all fried ingredients as it's my boyboy's eating habit. Compared to any stalls, the Tomyam taste here is very thick, very 'powerful' with spiciness and sourness. To me, it's little bit too sweet but... When it's combined with the porridge, the sweetness is neutralized and leaving in your mouth, a very nice aroma and just-to-taste 'soft Tomyam rice' ;)

Another compliment is on the freshness of the ingredients here. Every single ingredients that you can find here, especially the seafood, has been preserved well to maintain the original freshness. I really praise the fresh prawn mantis, my most favourite. Oh ya... Don't forget to choose the fish meat slices that are fried till golden brown color. Even it seem to be little bit too dry from outside, but the thickness is just nice to maintain the tenderness of the fish meat.

I can warranty you with my words, you've to try out the Tomyam porridge here. This is a creative way to eat porridge that you shouldn't miss. By the way, the price is not expensive either. For your info, there are two chef here but sometimes, it can end up with an hour of waiting time. Be patient ya!

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